Stay healthy! Covid-19 and immunology in the time of corona

By April 14, 2020 No Comments

Two British doctors with a doctorate in sports medicine and nutritional physiology, share tips and tricks in this blog, as well as research from, among others, NASA, on what to do to prevent illness and have the best possible immune system.

An important factor for the air ambulance service during a demanding period like this, is that as many people as possible stay healthy.

– Stress and anxiety at work is a fact of day-to-day health care. And stress affects the immune system.

– Don’t forget to take care of yourself these days!

Listen to St. Emlyn’s virtual hospital podcast here: Lessons from Sports and Exercise Medicine during Covid-19 (Podbean approx. 30 min.) Dr. Nathan Lewis and Dr. John Rogers, both with very compelling resumes, discuss how knowledge and experience from sports medicine can prove to be helpful during the covid-19 pandemic.